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The Namibia Safari

The Namibia Safari was launched in 2011, when Francois, a keen aviator, undertook his first guided fly-in safari with 19 aircrafts doing a Namibia-tour from the southern to the northern border of Namibia.

Back then already, it was clear that people enjoyed the comfort of being guided into the wilderness (off the beaten track).

Francois headed many hiking safaris as early as 1986, and the love for spending time in nature (which was his hobby and job – game ranger) was nursed into a more focussed offer.

In 2018 we realised that guests need info, and ease of planning and shopping! This led to the creation of The Namibia Safari’s website, which now brings the whole of Namibia (and surrounding countries) holiday-planning in an easy to access one-stop place.

Johan, Francois’ son, whom has been the chef/guide on many previous safaris we have led and undertaken, also joined the endeavour, since he has the tenacity to spend quality time with clients’ enquiries.  Equally, the books need to balance and payments transferred to recipients–no better than wife and mom, Amanda, facilitating this tedious administrative function.

Elephants in Namibia

About the Owner

Francois is a family-man.  He included his whole family in his business to ensure good client-service, and a style that meets his lifestyle and client expectations.

Francois’ career started in 1983 (after his military service – where he was a commissioned officer) as a Game Ranger and switched to Tourism in his older days.

As Game Ranger Francois did Professional Hunting, Game Farm Management, Anti-Poaching, Problem Animal Control (including the Desert Adapted Elephant, Horse Safaris, Hiking Trail Guide, Game Capturing and ended his Ranger days in the Game Breeding Park, Waterberg Plateau Park, where Roan, Sable, Buffalo, Rhino, and other species were bred for placement on other protected areas.

As Tourism Officer, Francois managed Wilderness Safari’s pristine Namib Naukluft Lodge, before joining Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

At NWR Francois managed many camping areas and facilitated the build, revamp and opening of many new camps, including, but not limited to Terrace/Torra Bay, Sossus Dune Lodge, Ai Ais, Hobas, Hardap, Duwisib, Shark Island, Boplaas, Popa Falls, the Etosha’s and Sesriem.

In this period, Francois qualified as a Professional Guide, both in White Water Rafting and Safari Guide, but also saw that the complete package a typical tourist requires included the Tour Planning, Booking Office, General Advice, and in some cases (where clients cannot enter on their own – like the famous Kunene River – 5 – day tour) acted as the guide/chef.

Johan Snyders

Position: Manager

Johan was born into a family that was already into conservation and tourism and he joined the tourism sector after he qualified as a chef through City & Guilds. He worked at and managed a few lodges and restaurants, including three of his own, before formally joining the family business: The Namibia Safari.

As lodge manager Johan worked in some of the most remote destinations, and this prepared him to be an independent leader, guide, entertainer and for running a successful business.

Johan as part of a family business runs the day-to-day business himself, reporting to his accountant mom (making sure the books balance) and his dad (who acts as the buffalo) checking that all queries is answered in the least amount of time.

Johan is dependable, has travelled the majority of SADC and has relevant facts easily at his disposal to inform clients effectively. His passion to be available 24hrs of the day for his clients guarantees unique experiences.

Johan Snyders

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