Northern Kalahari

Northern Kalahari

The Omaheke Region includes vast parts of eastern Namibia, from the region around the town Gobabis in the south up to the Khaudom National Park in the north. The region is inhabited by many different language groups. Historically it is home to the San (Bushmen), who are the indigenous people of Namibia, and the Herero, who moved down from the Kaokoveld and inhabited the area around the 18th century.

As Omaheke means “sandveld”, which is derived from being situated in the western parts of the Kalahari Desert, the region is ideal for 4×4 routes, dune hiking and walking trails, amongst other such activities.

Activities / Things to do:

  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Nature drives
  • Game drives


Northern Kalahari Accommodation

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